New Year’s Eve’s Eve

A New Year—an opportunity to set new goals, a chance to improve your mind, your heart, your soul and  your financial position, the prospect of changing your perspective, to re-write old plans and see new places…. Simply put—a New Year and a new starting point.

I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Many years I make them… but I don’t stick with them. And frankly with this next year I would not know where to start if I was going to make a list of resolutions. As a family we have a lot of plans for 2013. I’m building baby #2 right now and we have a transcontinental move from Europe to the United States. Because of those two major changes, I’m choosing to look at this next year differently than ever before.

I am choosing to break down the whole year into months. Each month until October will have a different theme, to research think about and focus on. Come October I will focus on Halloween; in November, Thanksgiving; and December, Christmas.

For example, in January I really want to focus on holiday traditions. Yes, we just survived the holidays from Halloween to New Year’s why spend more time thinking about those holidays? Easy, right now there are so many blogs and Pinterest pins about celebrating the holidays. There are tons of decorating ideas, kids craft projects, homemade gifts, delicious foods and treats being published on a daily basis. And at this point I have time to plan and prepare for actually doing some of those things. I’m sure I will make of 10 things to try and only do 3 of them…. But it seems like after 1 October there is a fast forward button get’s pushed until after the New Year. So this January, I am going to focus on developing a game plan for the 2013 holiday season.

Not every month will be that detailed or about researching things on the computer.  My fingers are crossed that May’s theme will be to adjust to having a new baby in the house. But, besides the themes for each month, I have some general things I’d like to do in 2013. You know the basic stay-at-home-mom self-improvement list. I want to be healthier—this includes exercise and eating right. I want to be organized—this would mean a schedule that allows time for amazing kid projects, a clean house, great meal plans, date nights and “me” time. But instead of looking at those things as a yearlong resolution I want to have shorter and obtainable objectives.

More tomorrow (or maybe the next day).


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