New Year’s Day

Happy 2013! As promised I have a list of themes for each month and my first mini goal to start getting more organized.

January- Plan the holidays – the beginning of October to end of December—everything from decorations, to activities and more

February- Everything Toddler Boy—learning activities to awesome kid spaces and everything in between

March- Baby Mania—registry, nursery ideas

April- Discovering DC—as a tourist

May- Final countdown—Baby #2’s due this month

Jun- Nap time needed—adjust to having two

July- Moving Madness—pack and transition to temporary housing

August- Family—visit the parents

September- Settle in—hopefully unpack in the new place




My first mini goal is a time management goal. LT’s schedule must be shifted about two hours earlier. He sleeps until 9 am which in itself is not a bad thing… but he stays up till 1030 or 11 pm. Not acceptable. So I have a general plan in mind to make the shift—adding scheduled activities and tracking him as we transition into the schedule. For the rest of this week the alarm will be going off at 7 am and I will use my baby tracking app to get a feel for how long LT’s nap time should be. What I don’t want happening is that I wake him up early, he has a mid-day nap and then gets tired between 4-6 pm…. Even a 20 minute nap is like recharging an 18 month olds battery for a late night.

On a side note, I almost pulled the trigger last night and registered for a yearlong fitness challenge. It was offered by Jill another blogger here. The challenge was running thirteen races in two thousand thirteen. This seems so do able even with a baby and a move planned. The thirteen races can be a combination of 5K (have done a lot of them), 10K (have run a 5 mile run and really enjoyed it so a 10K seems really manageable), half-marathon (dream of doing a half some day), full marathon (not interested in ever doing a full), or trail runs (I did a 4 mile mud run once that was trail like and really fun… hard but fun.) And the races don’t have to be “real” races, they can be virtual races! Although one of my favorite parts of participating in races is to get a cool t-shirt, the virtual races are much easier on the wallet. But at the end of 2012, I decided it would be better to focus on the baby for the first 6 months and then ease into getting back in shape and taking care of two kids. Hopefully by 2014 I will have a base fitness level to do a fitness challenge.


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