January Theme: Holiday Planning

Nothing like saying Trick-or-Treat in January. Despite the fact I need a break from the holidays… I am excited about planning for next year’s holidays.  Since October, I have seen many amazing ideas to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Time to put all of the things I really want to try to do next year all in one place. It is a little difficult because I don’t know where we are going to be living next year for the holidays. But there are some general holiday things that I can search for and use if we are in a house or an apartment.

For each holiday I want to find the following:

  1. Fun wreath designs for our front door/entry way
  2. Homemade holiday simmering pot ingredients to get the smell of the holiday in the house
  3. Food items (to try) for the holiday (4 appetizers, 3 desserts, 2 dips, 1 casserole)
  4. Gift for the grandparents from both the kids (LT will be 26-30 months and #2 will be 5-8 months if she arrives during her due date month)
  5. 30 activities to celebrate holiday/time of year (I probably will have a hard time for New Years on this one)
  6. Hostess/neighbor/gift exchange gift ideas

Hopefully I will be able to do one holiday a week…. but we will have to see.

My mini goal right now is to schedule my toddler and hopefully move his bed time an hour or two earlier.

This week I am waking him up early and tracking him using a baby tracker application for my phone. I’m very lucky that LT will just go with the flow. He can sleep anywhere. If I just flip the stroller upside down so he can play with the wheels and he will self-entertain for hours or at least long enough for me to finish any business I need to do. The problem is about every 3 months he changes (as an infant it was more frequent). I think I spent about $6 to get a baby tracker application… I don’t use it all the time but for figuring out what his schedule is and how to manipulate his schedule, the application has more than paid for itself. If you are frustrated figuring out your baby or toddler, I suggest trying out all the free applications first. The one I use displays feedings, naps and poops in a spreadsheet format. Even if every day feels different, at the end of the week I’ve always been able to see a pattern in LT’s behavior. I’m not sure if I will be able to see a pattern by tracking him for only three days (Wed, Thurs, Fri). I’m pretty sure that I will have to track him all next week, especially since I’m going to add new activities to his schedule.


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