Low salt cooking

Besides my kind of lame New Year’s goals for 2013… we have also been in a cut the salt level we consume out of our diet. I have to be honest… I have never really tracked salt before. Sure I have tried to cut calories, reduce fat, limit carbs, but to keep tabs on how much salt… never. But this is the current health kick in our household. I am pregnant so I’m not really worried about gaining weight for the next 20 months. If I’m hungry I’m going to eat… but food choices are different when I see how much salt is in some items. And it is strange but after limiting everything taste SALTY!!

When I say I’m limiting my salt that is incorrect. My “goal” is 2500 mg per day, and with tracking salt consumption and cooking low salt meals for dinner I’m under my goal most days. That said not I’m sticking to a low salt diet at all. If I was hungry for something that was going to push me over the “goal”, I’d still eat it. I’m pregnant as long as baby is doing okay, my blood pressure is doing okay–I get to eat what I want (within reason and doctor recommendation).

Cooking low salt is hard. You can find recipes yes… but the prep time on a low salt recipe or at least the few I have tried this week is a lot more than how I normally cook. Every night this week when my husband gets home the kitchen and living room look like a bomb went off. It’s been a busy week for other reasons besides food prep time… but I haven’t done a load of laundry, the sheets need to be washed, the whole down stairs needs to be mopped, and the bathrooms need a good once over. So along with trying to schedule my toddler I really need to schedule my time too.


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