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Low salt cooking

Besides my kind of lame New Year’s goals for 2013… we have also been in a cut the salt level we consume out of our diet. I have to be honest… I have never really tracked salt before. Sure I have tried to cut calories, reduce fat, limit carbs, but to keep tabs on how […]

One week in….

So we are over a week into the New Year and I must say that my mini goal to track LT has been going splendid. The kid sleeps an average of 12 hours a day, we use 6-7 diapers a day, he drinks about 25-35 oz a day and eats 3-5 solid food meals or […]

January Theme: Holiday Planning

Nothing like saying Trick-or-Treat in January. Despite the fact I need a break from the holidays… I am excited about planning for next year’s holidays.  Since October, I have seen many amazing ideas to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Time to put all of the things I really want to try to do […]

New Year’s Day

Happy 2013! As promised I have a list of themes for each month and my first mini goal to start getting more organized. January- Plan the holidays – the beginning of October to end of December—everything from decorations, to activities and more February- Everything Toddler Boy—learning activities to awesome kid spaces and everything in between […]